This I Believe

This I Believe

I believe in knowing and living by my values. This November 2016 election has made me realize the importance of this fact for me.  But, this isn’t about being Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian.  It’s not about the person I would have liked to have as my president.  In fact, I believe politics should be less about these things.  I would like to see people vote based more on their own ethics and less on who their “party” offers up.

This is about my own values, ethics, and moral code.  It’s about my judgement of what’s important in life and the standards to which I hold my own behavior.  I feel called to post this information, because I invite people all over to actually sit down and write down their own values.  If we don’t articulate them, we can’t follow them.

When I was starting up, someone close to me thought maybe my website should not be about me as much as simply what the business does.  I argued that I was the business, and that people needed to know and trust me if they were going to ask me to come teach them Mindfulness, meditation and resiliency.  I still believe that, which is why I’m sharing this essay on my blog.  It is also applicable here because, it takes a whole lot of Mindfulness to get anywhere close to succeeding some of the time as I work to align my actions and my values.

What I really believe after this election is, if this country has any hope, the answer is not to convince everyone to be on the same political side, but to find common ground in our ethics and moral code.  Therefore, I wish to share with you my version of “This I believe”.

I believe in values.  I believe in knowing my beliefs and ideals and allowing them to serve as my guidelines in all situations.

I believe that all human beings are interconnected.  We rely on each other for food, water, and other necessities, more than we’d like to admit, and we have more in common than we have differences.  Every being needs water, food, and love or we don’t do well.  It doesn’t matter where we originate, these are the basics.

I believe in listening, without judgement, even though it may be one of the hardest things to do.  I know it's the hardest thing I try to do. We will never understand each other without listening.

I believe we are the stewards of this earth.  If we don’t maintain it, it won’t be here for future generations.  It is our duty to take the environment into consideration with every action we take.

I believe money is not a value.  It might be a need, but it shouldn’t be what guides our interactions with each other.

Photo credit: Morgue File 502artistb
Photo credit: Morgue File 502artistb

I believe my job in life is to do what I can to support other humans and I believe that I should be doing that in both my work and my personal life.

I believe in hope, even though I don’t always feel it.

I believe our actions should follow our values, whether those are the actions of voting, volunteering, playing, or working.  I believe our actions shouldn’t follow random labels we assign to ourselves like liberal, conservative, progressive.  Those aren’t labels that demonstrate our values, they are just random words.

I believe this is a big world and we (every single human being) can all succeed and live together.  One group doesn’t have to fail, or be put down, for another group to succeed.

I believe it’s my duty to act with kindness toward everyone, because no matter what your skin color, religion, gender, place of birth, sexual preference, or disability may be, we are both human and therefore we are both equally important in this world.

I believe in self-compassion, because it’s hard to keep all of these things in mind every time I speak or act, and sometimes I fail miserably (as most humans do); but, there is nothing more important for me than how I attempt to live my life every day.


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  1. Maria says:

    This is really great Christine. I still have the disc set called “This I Believe” that captures just such statements from the likes of Gloria Steinem to Colin Powell. You piece has motivated me to listen to them again (if I can fine a cd player 😉 and maybe write my own.

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