Staff / Employee Retreats

Supporting the health of organizations by participating in their regular staff retreats is one of my favorite things to do.  Mindfulness retreats offer your employees a common language surrounding stress within an organization.  In addition, it provides a toolbox full of common self-care tools that help each person, both take care of themselves and each other, better supporting the community within your organization and improving the resiliency of the group.

Whether you are planning a true off-site retreat, a short 1/2 day break in the office, or your looking for something different, such as an ongoing webinar training, I can develop the unique training on Mindfulness and resiliency that will work for your team!

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Mindfulness in Nature Team Retreats

Here in Southwest Montana our summers and falls can't be beat!  Your employees will love the opportunity to get outside for a 1/2 or full day to participate in a Mindfulness in Nature leadership, team, or organization-wide retreat.  I can work with you to find the perfect location near town and then I'll spend the day guiding your group through a combination of self-awareness and team building activities.

With a retreat in nature you can treat your employees to fresh air and sun, while at the same time

  • Increasing Self-Awareness
  • Increasing Focus
  • Increasing Team Awareness
  • And, Decreasing Reactivity

General Mindfulness Team Retreats (any location - even online!)

I offer Mindfulness training sessions of any length, anywhere from one hour to one day.  These sessions will provide a variety of experiential practice sessions, surrounded by basic Mindfulness information.  These sessions can be used for employee retreat and professional development days and to determine if there is interest within your organization for more in-depth training on the topic.  The sessions would be personalized to each specific organization.

I am experienced at providing webinar trainings of any length.  Want to provide on-going training for your group and you don't live in Missoula?  Webinars are the most time and money efficient way to go.  Contact me!

Contact me with any questions.  I'd love to have a conversation with you to see how I can support your organization.

Conference Keynote Ideas

  • Mindfulness and YOUR Work Day
  • Is Stress Affecting Your Life and Your Health?
  • Compassion - It's Not Just For OTHER People
  • Re-experiencing the Joy of Connecting with Students and Peers (or Clients and Peers)

Staff Retreat and Conference Session Ideas

  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Mindful Communication in the Workplace
  • Mindful Resiliency for Teachers (or insert another group)
  • The Top Four Ways Higher Education Is Embracing Mindfulness
  • The Top Four Ways Business Organizations Are Embracing Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness = Lower Stress, More Focus and Improved Happiness
  • Maintaining Balance and Joy despite Change, Interpersonal Interactions, and Life
  • How to Develop Resilient Characteristics

Previous Conference and Staff Training Clients

University of Montana: Missoula, MT
The Poverello Center: Missoula, MT
Missoula Public Library: Missoula, MT
United States Forest Service (USFS) Middle Leader Training: Missoula, MT & Ogden, UT
Clark Fork School: Missoula, MT

Montana Child Abuse and Neglect Conference - 2017
PNWHEIA Pacific Northwest Higher Education Internal Audit Conference - 2017
Wyoming Student Affairs Conference Keynote - 2016
Wyoming Distance Education Consortium Conference Keynote- 2015
International Forum for Women in E-Learning Conference - 2014
Wyoming Nurses Association Conference - 2014

Interested in having Christine introduce your group to Mindfulness or Resiliency? Or perhaps do a conference keynote session? I'm happy to have that conversation to see if I can help support your organization or event. Contact me at 406-251-9775 or