Really? People, other than yogi’s are meditating?

Have you heard about Mindfulness Meditation, but you aren't sure where to start?  I've got you covered!

First, watch this 1/2 hour introduction video I did on Facebook Live.  The video cuts off the bottom part of me, so you can also view it on Facebook, here.

Now after watching the video, you have a couple choices.

  1. Pick a time that works for you.  Morning, lunchtime, evening, it doesn't matter, but pick a time when you can start with 10 minutes every day.  Habit tip! Tie it to another habit, such as right after you brush your teeth!
  2. Choose and use a resource that works for you.
    1. Go to the Guided Meditations page on this website to find free guided meditations that you can download and start using.
    2. Check out the Videos link on my Facebook page,, and use the Beginners playlist of guided video meditations I've put together for you.
      1. Like my Facebook page so you get notified when I'm doing a live meditation!
    3. Download an app:
      1. Insight Timer is free and my favorite
      2. I've also heard good things about Headspace and Stop, Breath, and Think.

Check out these resources to realize you don’t need to hide or wear an orange robe to meditate!

  • Magazine: Mindful  This is a great introduction to Mindfulness magazine. It introduces mindfulness concepts, practices, and the organizations using them.