Below you can find free guided meditations that you can listen to and download.  I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.


Meditation Posture Guidelines - In this audio, you can find guidelines for using sitting, standing, or lying down meditation postures.  I encourage you to listen to these guidelines if you are a beginning meditator or if you've been struggling with your normal position. (6:30 min)


Meditation Posture Guidelines - to download right-click and Save link as.

Meditation Posture Guidelines Script- This PDF is provided for those that would rather read the guidelines, than listen to them.


Short Meditation Break - I hope you enjoy this short guided breath meditation as a break throughout your day.  This guided meditation break is especially good for beginners. (4 min)


Short Meditation Break


Basic Breath Awareness Meditation - This is a short breath meditation. (6:30 min)


Basic Breath Awareness Meditation


Walking Meditation - This guided walking meditation is a good support for beginners as they are learning how to do walking meditation.  The focus is on learning to maintain awareness of your feet and legs as you walk, moving your attention away from your mind and thoughts. 10:15 minutes

Walking Meditation


Loving Kindness Meditation - This is a short loving kindness meditation, with a focus on kindness to self. (10:30 min)


Loving Kindness Meditation_Self

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