Mindfulness for Organizations

Most organizations recognize they have some need for increased communication and participation within their teams. The workplace is the place for a professional, get things done attitude; but sometimes that attitude can be thrown for a loop by all the other things going on in our lives, such as, disagreements with co-workers and leadership, and the general stress of trying to be everything to everybody. Mindfulness in the workplace can support employees in the need to see everything clearly that is going on in the present moment.  Why is this important? Well, as we are working on long-term projects and goals, we still have to be able to communicate clearly, both in person and via email. This means, no, 'replying to all' to an email on which you were blind copied or blowing up at your staff over a misstep that you don’t even fully understand.

For mindfulness practitioners, cultivating this ability to see clearly is at the very heart of the practice. The discipline trains us to step out from behind the curtain of our restless minds and touch reality directly—getting a full, authentic measure of our experience beyond self-deception and impulsiveness. And on the job, such a commitment to first seeing clearly becomes central in inspiring the very best from an organization. Michael Carroll, Beyond the Elevator Speech

And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg if you happen to work in an organization that works with people dealing with any kind of trauma, such as public offices, schools, hospitals and clinics, and nonprofit organizations. In these situations, it is very important to ensure that a staff with a tendency toward burnout is provided with the tools to emotionally support themselves when faced with hard situations or angry people day in and day out.

If your group could benefit from clearer thinking; being more present in meetings, conversations with clients, and daily actions; the ability to listen compassionately, but not take on others pain; or the ability to emotionally let go of their own stress then this program is for them!

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