Mindfulness for Individuals

It takes a lot of courage to want to focus on yourself. All the messages in our society tell us that is selfish, when really we can't properly care for others until we've learned to be kind to ourselves.

You've identified on your own that Mindfulness could really benefit you in both your professional and personal life. Congratulations! You are ahead of the curve and I'd love to support you in this endeavor! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

My Personal Journey...
My personal journey toward Mindfulness and treating myself with kindness began when I realized I didn’t feel much warmth toward myself. I was working full-time, while working on a PhD and I was stressed and tired. I dedicated one year to doing Loving Kindness meditation just toward myself. That year opened up my life and its possibilities in ways I could never have dreamed. It was a very simple act that proved to touch all areas of my life.

Available Programs

The 'Just Right' Program

Six (6) week online course + Three (3) months online support + Three (3) personal coaching/session calls

Six (6) week online course includes:  

  • Online Forum area complete with weekly curriculum and discussion boards
  • Resources, including readings and practices.
  • Weekly live teaching and practice sessions, recorded for those that can’t make it.

Three (3) personal one (1) hour Coaching phone calls focused on helping you to integrate Mindfulness into your life.

Three (3) month online support includes:

  • Weekly live meditation sessions, including Q&A opportunity – Can’t make one of the live sessions? They’ll be recorded!
  • Downloadable guided audio meditations.
  • Monthly live teaching sessions.
  • Ability to email Christine for support and with questions.
  • Weekly inspiration/encouragement emails.
  • Private Facebook Forum for peer support.

The 'I'm Committed' Program

Personal one-on-one training includes eight (8) personal training sessions + Ongoing support for three (3) additional months.

To schedule this program contact Christine.

Eight (8) one hour personal training sessions includes:

  • Mindfulness Training with a focus on your life circumstances.
  • Resources, including readings and practices.
  • Providing the support needed to make this practice your new best habit!
  • Note: This package can be completed via phone; webinar (zoom); or if in Missoula, in-person!

Three (3) month support includes:

  • Downloadable guided audio meditations.
  • Ability to email Christine for support and with questions.
  • Weekly inspiration/encouragement emails.



Are you looking for something not listed? You are interested, but need a different format or timing? Contact me with questions and specifics. I'd love to work with you, if possible! When you contact me, tell me about yourself, your organization, and your needs. I'm happy to schedule a phone call to discuss possibilities.