Mindfulness for Academia

Education is a stressful place to be nowadays. In the K-12 arena one has all the standardized testing to think about; the parents and community looking over your shoulder; and the always interesting and changing students. In higher education, we have the ongoing issues between administration and faculty; the tendency to silo within our departments and not think about what’s going on in the rest of the institution; and the ongoing new state and national legislations that arise and keep us on our toes. In addition, all education levels are faced with the challenge of constantly new and changing technology and how to use it to best support learning. One can get resentful of what we perceive as the constant additions to an already full plate. These examples don’t take into account the worry that we have for our students often trying to deal with the trauma or just insecurity in their family and personal lives and how it’s living out through their actions.

After spending many years in higher education, I especially offer this training to those people working hard to maintain our educational system, while providing excellent learning opportunities for our children at all ages. Mindfulness training can help with the loss of focus we feel from increased stress and hours worked. It can also help us communicate clearly to those within our own departments, to those across our institutions, and to our students and their families. Finally, Mindfulness training can help support a sense of emotional balance in our everyday life as we attempt to complete all the to do’s on our list. This sense of emotional balance can help to limit the burnout for people within in our educational institutions.

If these sound like common challenges within your institutional groups, this program could be for you. Contact me!

Christine worked within academia...
Christine worked within academia for over 14 years, as both faculty and administration; one could say both sides of the house. With her experience and graduate degrees in Education, she is familiar with the challenges faced on a daily basis by those within higher education. It’s her dream to help those in our education system to provide a more positive environment for both themselves and the students.


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