Is your team … strung out?  Not communicating well?  Becoming reactive?

Is your office culture ... always hectic? Filled with drama?

Even if only one or two of these apply, they could be creating an office atmosphere that is unpleasant. I work with individuals, teams, and businesses, that have a culture of stress and want to develop a culture of high productivity and increased effectiveness, without the drama.

There’s a need.
• Introduction
• Lunch & Learn
• Monthly/quarterly
education sessions
1 -2 Hour$400 + travel
Demonstrating importance.
• Team-building Training
• Team/Company Retreats
½ Day Training (3-4 Hour)$8,000 + travel
Making changes together.
• Team-building Training
• Team/Company Retreats
Full Day (6-8 Hour)$1,600 + travel
Committed to long-term improvement.
• Support during long-term
• Addressing specific culture
Custom Year-Long program, including:
workshops, classes, 1-on-1’s, leadership mentoring,
all geared to develop skills and change habits.
Custom built to solve your pain points.

All offerings:

  • Custom built for your team’s needs.
  • Can be done in-person or online.
  • No limit on participants.
  • Includes
    • Pre-workshop “get to know your goals and needs” meeting.
    • Applicable support and learning resources.

General Topic Ideas:

  • Pro-Active Resilience
  • Resilient Workplace Culture
  • Stress Management
  • Stress Reduction
  • Employee Wellness
  • Strategies for Focus and Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Each offering custom built for your team’s needs.