Meditating in Jewel Basin, Montana
Jewel Basin, Montana


This page will be updated and the 2018 schedule will be posted by March 1, 2018!

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I am excited to share with you the training I've been doing through Mark Coleman and the Awake in the Wild Program.  Below, please find information for the final full day 2017 event in the Southwest Montana/Missoula area, along with event details.  Don't hesitate to contact me with further questions.


The power of nature on our health is well researched, just in case you hadn't noticed the calming affect of a walk in the woods.  These short retreats will be spent meditating outdoors in the natural beauty of Southwest Montana.  Whether it is listening to the soothing sounds of a river or sitting graced in the stillness of aspen trees, we will open to the profound serenity and wisdom of nature.

Participants will learn about the practice of Mindfulness – the capacity to be present to ourselves and our environment and then learn how to apply this receptivity to developing a contemplative relationship with nature. By cultivating this inner quiet and open curious spirit outdoors we can learn from nature as the ultimate teacher, and both deepen our connection and appreciation of the earth in which we live, while learning how to take these lessons into our everyday life.

During this experiential workshop, there will be nature-based meditations and talks on meditation and nature. There will be time to relish in the silence outdoors and opportunity to explore and discuss the art of meditation in nature.  I'm also partnering with a local Qigong teacher, who will be leading us in some Qigong after lunch!

To support the meditation process, retreats of all lengths will be done in silence with guidance.  Participants will enter silence together at the start of the retreat, after introductions. There will be opportunities for questions and group discussion and your teacher is committed to being available to you if you need to talk with them at anytime.

This workshop is appropriate for beginners and experienced meditators.  Whether you are curious about meditation, mindfulness, and how to deepen your connection to the natural world, or you simply recognize the need for some silent time to reconnect with yourself, these short retreats are for you!  Be prepared for unexpected delight, mystery, silence and illumination.

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October 22,2017; Sunday from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM -  - Location: Lubrecht Experimental Forest; Greenough, MT  Meeting in the picnic pavilion.  Lunch is included. Register on Eventbrite, here!

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For each retreat, no matter how long:

  • Participants should be able to walk between 1-3.5 miles of easy to moderate terrain.
  • Come prepared with the following items,
    • A Day Pack with:
      • Snacks for yourself
      • Water
      • Proper clothing to keep you comfortable thru the day, including
        • An extra warm layer, maybe a hat and gloves
        • Comfortable shoes
        • Rain gear, if there is a chance of rain.
      • Bug Spray
      • Sun Screen, perhaps a sun hat
    • There will be a variety of meditation practices throughout the day completed via sitting, standing, and walking. To be comfortable you may want to strap to your pack, one of the following:
      • A small blanket or cushion to sit on
      • A small camp chair.
      • Z-rest – or anything else that will make sitting comfortable for you!