Let’s Keep Fighting for Change

As a white person who does hope this is a tipping point for racial justice for our country, I am determined to stay involved and active. I want to learn and study and grow. That said, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at everything we don’t know or should do.  Overwhelm isn't a bad thing, it can mean we are pushing our boundaries and are outside of our comfort zone, but if that overwhelm encourages us to give up, then it's not useful.  We have to listen , read, and watch uncomfortable stories and conversations to be able to understand the suffering of others and to change it.

I’ve recorded this short reflective meditation to support anyone who is actively involved and wants to stay there. Whether it be with racial justice, environmental protection, support of healthcare and other essential workers during this pandemic, large organizational change, or whatever cause is near and dear to your heart. Instead of letting it overwhelm us, let’s stay strong and keep fighting.

How do we hold the energy for grief and action, while at the same time not shutting out the curiosity, joy, and connection that feed and refuel us?

I believe, one way is to purposely, regularly check-in. This is a brief, 5 1/2 min, meditation that I hope will act as a tool to support us in doing just this! It will support us in maintaining some connection to the grounding aspects of our life, while at the same time developing active involvement in societal and organizational change.

Please, use as needed!


You can also find the link on my soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/user-180052466/purposeful-pause-to-support-change.


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