Do you ... not feel as effective as you'd like?  Want to be more productive?  Have a desire to model better communication skills for your teams?  Want to be able to pause before responding to other people's fires?

If you are looking for short one-on-one sessions to boost you over a hurdle that you feel is holding you back from being the leader you believe you can be, I look forward to working with you!

Leadership Boost WorkTimeCost
Attacking a couple challenges.
• Just trying to get your head around a few challenges.
• Need to make a couple key habit changes to improve
resilience and effectiveness.
Two (45 minute) sessions$150
I’m in.
• Need to identify key areas of improvement needed.
• Committing to ongoing work to develop habits, practices
that work for you.
• You want support identifying and putting into action the
tools that will
improve your effectiveness and resilience
One (1 ½ hour) session
Five (45 minute) sessions

All Offerings Include:

  • Live one-on-one video sessions.
  • Ability to email Christine for support and with questions.