Christine Lustik - Mindfulness CoachHello and welcome to my online home.

First the heartfelt bio:

As you'll read below, I spent my career in higher education, mostly focused on distance education. I loved fulfilling the educational dreams of people who lived in remote places, had families, or for whatever reason couldn't attend college on-campus. That said, it is hard swimming upstream in a traditional arena and I tired of the stress and the affects it had on me. It was hard to leave education.  Then I realized, maybe I could continue supporting education by supporting those faculty, administration, and staff people that were doing their best for students every day.  That's when the dreaming really began.

I turned to the thing that had saved my mental and physical health and given me the strength to believe in myself, Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a contemplative practice that helps us to train our minds and pay attention to our bodies. This journey for me has been filled with joy, fear, and learning; learning about myself, learning about my interaction with others, and learning about Mindfulness! I personally have seen many personal benefits to my practice, including: increased focus and concentration, increased calm, much more moderate emotional swings, less focus on daily pains and discomforts, an increased ability to be happy and to see the good in all situations and people, and a desire to lead my life with kindness and compassion.

The key word there is increased. I notice a change and am happier for it. Am I the perfect always happy person? No, but life is better than it was and with continued practice, who knows what the limit to increased happiness will be?

I look forward to working with YOU (and maybe your team?). I can’t promise increased job performance, although, the research is getting there!  But, for those that make Mindfulness a practice, I can promise more focused attention, lower stress, and increased happiness. One might guess those changes can definitely lead to increased life performance!

Now the Official Bio: (info about education and past work)

I am currently a Mindfulness and Resiliency teacher.

2015 - A graduate of The Mindfulness Training Institute's mindfulness teacher training, studying under Mark Coleman and Martin Aylward.   

2018 - An IMTA (International Mindfulness Teachers Association) Certified Mindfulness Teacher at the Professional Level (CMT-P). certified Mindfulness Teacher logo

2017 - A graduate of Mark Coleman's Awake in the Wild teacher training.  In this work I've learned how to take Mindfulness into nature, using nature as a conduit for awareness and connection.

I've practiced meditation as a part of my yoga practice for 15 years.  Over the years, I've attended many 3-4 day yoga retreats.  In the fall of 2011, my meditation became a regular practice, separate from the yoga and moved from a regular 3-5 day per week practice to a 5-7 day per week practice.  That same fall, I was introduced to Mindfulness through Jon Kabat-Zinn meditation books and cd’s.  I felt that this form of meditation supported me in my everyday life more than the other forms of meditation and moved forward in learning more about it.   I now maintain a daily Mindfulness meditation practice and attend at least one week-long, or longer, silent retreat every year.

Previously, I worked in the online education arena of higher education for 14 years. Most notably, I served six years as the Director of Distance Education at Western Wyoming Community College. In addition to the leadership experience, I have over 10 years of full and part-time faculty experience along with, instructional design and project management experience.

2008 - PhD in Education, Leadership in Higher Education – Capella University

2002  - MS in Education, Teaching and Training Online – Capella University

1993 - BS in Agriculture Business Management – University of Wisconsin- Madison

My Favorite Things

Here's a little about the me that lives every day.

Christine Lustik HikingI like to be active. In the summer I love to hike and backpack with my husband and in the winter I love outdoor sports. Most often, you'll find us on our local ski hill, Snowbowl, but we also cross country ski and snowshoe.

Flower and herb gardeningI have an exorbitant number of gardens, mostly flowers with herbs and vegetables here and there.

I may be the only person in Montana who sculls, but I  have a beautiful 26' Filippi rowing shell and  I'm a sculler. I enjoy live music and find nothing relaxes me faster than live music.

I love to be in the kitchen.  It's one of my happy places and I put a lot of effort into eating healthy and local.

I am positively and absolutely in love with my home and the community of Missoula.

Full Circle Work:

My clients and the people I meet provide me with so much sustaining joy, it is my desire to give back in any way I can and to support the community in which I live, as much as possible.

  • In my personal life, I give back through my efforts as a volunteer ski patroller here in Missoula.
  • Through this business I commit to supporting non-profits and other worthy organizations that need Mindfulness training, but may not be able to afford the full payment. I've done volunteer Mindfulness work for YWCA Guts program and the Poverello Center. Please ask about a sliding fee for training.

Christine Lustik, PhD
Missoula, MT
(406) 251-9775
(Note, I respond to emails within 24 hours Monday - Friday.  If you do not receive a response, please call me as something may be wrong.  Thank you!)