A Little Gratitude

Recently a friend had one of those experiences that caused her to find gratitude – if only for a short while.  The kind of experience that caused her to be grateful to walk through the doors of her house without any assistance; grateful for her family and friends; and grateful to be here every minute of the day.  The kind of experience that reminds those around her to be grateful because we never know what’s going to happen from moment to moment or day to day.

Why does it take one of those experiences to remind us how precious every moment of life is for each of us?  To remind us that whether it’s a pleasant moment, an unpleasant moment, or a boring moment it is our life and we should accept it and be thankful.  Why is it much easier to get caught up in life and let day after day go by without really thinking about it?Pink Flower

Researchers are finding gratitude to be a wonderful thing.  It helps us be thankful for the good moments and it actually increases life satisfaction, optimism, and joy and decreases anxiety and depression.  You can find all the details about why Gratitude is good for us on this gratitude page provided by the Greater Good Center at Berkley.  In addition, this Berkley site supports your efforts by providing ideas for how to cultivate gratitude.

As you finish this post, I invite you to sit back in your chair.  To close your eyes and take 3 long deep breaths and then as your breath settles back to its normal exhale and inhale, be grateful for that moment and the things we take for granted in every moment.  Be grateful for your eyes that allowed you to read this post or your ears that allowed you to listen to it.  Be grateful that you woke up this morning and that your normal day filled with acquaintances and loved ones and strangers is all around you.  Add the things you want to be grateful for today.  I invite you to feel gratitude and warmth toward yourself in this very moment.   You may then want to use some of the tips in the Berkley article above to begin cultivating more gratitude into your life, without the need for a life changing experience.

Share with us what you are grateful for today.

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